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This year has brought us greater challenges which no one had predicted before. From start till the middle of the year, a tremendous amount of loss is faced by people all around the world whether it was financial, economic, or cost of living. It all started this Australian bush fire, then the flood in Indonesia after that the global pandemic came which destroy our economy as a whole. During the pandemic more incident happened that was volcano eruption in the Philippines, earthquakes in many countries, locust swarms in Asia, cyclone Amphan in India and Bangladesh, and much more. All these crises cost us our jobs and lives, but even after all this catastrophe we survived and managed to live. These tragedies bring a lot of change in our lives. Majors change occurs in our careers, as around a total of 81% of the global workforce of 3. 3 billion were affected by losing their jobs. But the good news is these incidents change the career trend all around the world. Now online jobs are preferred even in big companies like Google and Microsoft. You can use UK CV writing services to get your dream job even in this pandemic.

Here is some top career trend in 2020:

Software Developer:

The job of Software developers does not require to go and work in offices, so this is in the top work from home jobs available in pandemic and even after the pandemic. Software developers can earn around $ 100,000 after the experience. In the future, there will be a great demand for this job and will be considered as a high paying job.

Computer System Analysts:

Computer system analysts with the increase in technologies and artificial intelligence in every field, the need for system analysts will also increase and will be considered as the most demanding job.

Data Scientist:

Data analytics is one of the growing fields in this year. Their high demand in the job market convinces people to switch to this field.

Home Health and Personal Care Aid:

There will be a great increase in health care jobs because after coronavirus people are more concerned about their health than before. So this field will grow around 30%.

Nurse Practitioner:

Nurse Practitioners are also known as nurse anesthetists and nurse mid-wife.

Nurses are recognized as a key member of healthcare. As living conditions are improving thus this will create a huge demand for this job.


There will be always a need for a teacher or a professor as no one can replace a teacher, not even a technology. May be trend will change the way of teaching, but this profession will never get obsolete. The year 2020 brings a new revolution in education by introducing online classes so this trend will increase the demand for teaching in the future.

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