5 Common Myths about Job Interview

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Job Interviews can sometimes become intimidating, because of the fact that most people are not really prepared for it. It can be an uncomfortable and terrifying 10 to 45min of process. People share their experience with their interviewers, how bad the interview went and somehow the listener gets afraid of appearing in an interview.

When a candidate gets an interview call, he/she starts preparing for it, they study about the company, about the job positing they have applied for, and questions related to their field. They also spent time deciding on the interview attire which is a good thing, but there are some common myths about the job interviews which can eventually drop the self-confidence of the candidate. Believing in the myths can clearly jeopardize the chances of a new career!

Let's take a minute to review some common myths of interviews we see in our daily life.

  • Considering everyone qualified than yourself

It is true when you are being called for a face to face interview, other candidates are also called. Sitting in the waiting area/room, and talking to your competitor candidates make you realize that you are not qualified enough and you have not enough working experience. This will make you nervous and you can mess up your interview as well.

  • Not prepared enough for the interview

Another common myth is, feeling you are not prepared for the interview. Whether you have a resume created by the most professional resume services, but it feels like it isn't enough to get pass through the screening process. You feel like the skills mentioned in your resume are not justified.

  • Your resume will get you the job

You can become a bit over-confident with your resume if it is professionally made and looks attractive. You think only a resume is all you need to get the job immediately. Well, it isn't enough, sometimes you might need a cover letter too, and sometimes a reference to put in a good word for you!

  • Not knowing about the company

If you don't know much about the company you have applied for, it doesn't mean you are not getting the job. You can always ask the interviewer about the company's history.

  • Follow-up after the interview

A candidate thinks he would look a little desperate for the job if he follow-up for the interview and talk to the HR. Well, it is not true. It is a good thing to follow- up after the interview and ask for the status of the interview after a week.

These and more misconceptions can literally drive you away from the great job opportunity, you need to be calm and relax during the entire interview process. Ignore all the negative thoughts that make you anxious and nervous. Believe in yourself and your expertise! You will get the job!

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