The First All-Russian Open Contest with international participation in the design project of decorative lamps with biodynamic and bacterial functions Adaptation of Light

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To popularize new vital priorities caused by coronavirus among which health and ecological safety are the main criteria, the ESCO LIGHT company became the founder of The First All-Russian Open Contest with international participation in the design project of decorative lamps with biodynamic and bacterial functions Adaptation of Light.


Russian and foreign architects, designers, light engineers, students of specialized universities are invited to take part in the contest. The contest goals and tasks are to develop a decorative lamp with unique functional capabilities for residential and public interiors with a view to improve the safety and quality of living standards.

The contest consists of two stages:

The design projects of decorative biodynamic energy-saving lamps with an integrated antibacterial UV lightsource are accepted for the first stage of the contest (from June, 1 to December, 1).

The winners of thefirst stage take part in the second stage of the contest (from December 1 to December 10), the lamp prototypes will be designed according to their design projects at the ESCO LIGHT plant. The best lamp prototypes in each nomination will be put into production.

Contest categories:

  • Home Lamp – the design projects of decorative lamps (ceiling lamps, floor standing lamps, wall-mounted lamps, desk lamps) with biodynamic and bacterial functions for the interiors of flats and country houses fall into the nomination.
  • Office Lamp – the design projects of decorative lamps (ceiling lamps, floor standing lamps, wall-mounted lamps, desk lamps) with biodynamic and bacterial functions for the interiors of offices and public spaces of various purposes of use fall into the nomination.
  • HоRеCа Lamp – the design projects of decorative lamps (ceiling lamps, floor standing lamps, wall-mounted lamps, desk lamps) with biodynamic and bacterial functions for the interiors hotels, restaurants, pubs, and cafes fall into the nomination.

One Participant can submit no more than two design projects for every nomination.

At the first stage of the contest, the jury will choose 3 (three) winners who will rank number 1, 2 and 3 in each category.

The prize pool of the 1st stage of the contest is 1 000 000 RUR!

1 place – 150 000 RUR

2 place – 100 000 RUR

3 place – 75 000 RUR

In the second stage of the contest, the jury will choose one winner in each category. The prize pool of the 2nd stage is a custom work contract with compensation - royalty and a certificate for a trip to Europe in 2021.

The jury included renowned Russian and Italian designers and architects.


1. Enrico Corradini, Italy (Treviso) – a chairman of the jury, architect, object designer. A native of Venice, more than 20 years in design, he designed lamps and chandeliers, metal works, tables, chairs, and even pizza ovens. He collaborated with such big names as Light4, Tobia Scarpa, Trussardi, Patrizia Volpato, Alb Sas, Axo Light, Glasstress, La Biennale di Venezia, Barovier & Toso, etc. The author of the «COME DISEGNARE UNA LAMPADA CERCANDO DI VIVERE FELICI» book (“How to design a lamp staying happy”).

IG: @enricocorradini

The Home Lamp nomination:

2. Alessandro Cestele, Italy (Trentino) – anarchitect, interior designer, object designer, he designed furniture and lamps for created interiors, a member of Architects’ Association of the Trentino province, a co-owner of the Laboratorio D4L studio, which specializes on designing and creating interiors of private villas, hotels and SPA complexes. Many projects are implemented in the foothills of the dolomitic Alps, in the area of Garda, Como, Levico lakes.

IG @alessandro_cestele_d_4_l

3. Victoria Kiorsak, Russia (Moscow) – an interior designer andobject designer, the founder of the Victoria Kiorsak Interiors design studio in Moscow, she creates projects all over the world under the brand of The studio projects are located all over the world, from the French Riviera to the hill-sides of Tuscany to New York and LA – these are jewelleries, boutiques, SPA salons and beauty salons, boutique hotels, residential compounds, recreation centers.

IG @dieviete

The Office lamp nomination:

4. Michele Piccini, Italy (Florence) – an architect with 30+ years of experience, a member of «Florence International Exchange Festival» Scientific Committee of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, a member of the board of International Research Center of Urban Planning (CIDSU). He taught several courses at the department of the University of Florence. A winner of numerous international and national contests, including such awards as IQU in Rimini, «International Architecture Award» Chicago Athenaeum, «Buone pratiche per il paesaggio»; «Green Project 2011», etc. His projects were exhibited in many countries including France, USA, Italy, England, China, and Russia, and published in such titles as Catalogue of Good Practices for Landscape, L’arca, Cityscape, AND, Architects, etc.

5. Glubokin Sergey, Russia (Moscow) – an architect,Deputy Head of Department of the Architecture Board of Moscow, a supervisor of the annual Moscow Architectural Award. He had been worked in the Speech architect bureau from 2009 to 2017 as a chief architect, took part in implementing many significant objects in Moscow, such as Federation Tower, VTB Arena Park, Novatek company’s headquarters, Cultural center at the Russky island, Serdtse Stolitsy (Heart of the Capital) residential complex, Vodny (Water) residential complex, etc. He took part in Russian and international contests, including the Venetian Architectural Biennale. In 2017, he was invited to work in the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow.


The HоRеCа Lamp nomination:

6. Maurizio Lai, Italy (Milan) – aworld-famous architect, interior designer, light designer, object designer, the founder of LAI STUDIO, a winner and a runner-up of international contests, the owner of numerous awards, including RBDA (Restaurant & Bar Design Awards) in the category Best Lighting International, WIN Awards 2018 in the category Best Interior Practice of the Year. One of the latest projects – IYO Aalto Michelin-star restaurant (Milano) was awarded by Food&Wine Italia Awards 2020, in the category Best Interior Design.

IG: @_mauriziolai

7. Valery Lizunov, Russia (Moscow) – an architect, interior designer, the founder and CEO of the ARCHPOINT Moscow bureau renowned for its projects in the HoReCa segment. The bureau portfolio includes over 30 projects in Russia and abroad, many of which won high-profile architectural awards, for example, European Property Award, A'Design Awards, IAA. A regular participant of Europe’s biggest land art and contemporary art festival Archstoyanie. He received his recent award – the American Faith&Form Award – for a project of martyr Ignatius of Antioch church at Vereyskaya street in Moscow.

The jury’s voting consists of two stages according to the design project and prototype award criteria. Design projects and prototypes are rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

The composition of the contest entries and requirements for submitting design projects at the first stage of the contest:

1. Design projects should contain original creative solutions that can be implemented using the technology and production capacities of the Founder, or with the assistance of Founder’s partner companies.

When designing a decorative lamp, it is recommended to use such materials as metal (steel, aluminum, brass), polymers and composite materials, glass, ceramics, and other materials used in mass and industrial production.

When designing a decorative lamp, it should be taken into account that it will be equipped with:

- LED biodynamic light source;

- bactericidal UV lamp;

- It should have dimensions and weight that are convenient for transportation and installation by one person.

2. Information about the products already available to the Founder, equipped with a biodynamic and bactericidal function, as well as the materials and technologies used in it, is available on the Founder’s official website, as well as here:

3. You should fill in the application form (Annex 1).

4. A design project should consist of:

- Search sketches (concepts) reflecting the image of the future product. Purpose: to show the author's process of developing an independent product solution, and not a reference to the achievements of industry leaders.

- Drawings of the product with the main dimensions (at least 3 projections), as well as sections showing the internal filling of the product – the main functional units and their mounting scheme.

- A visualization that gives a realistic view of the product, taking into account the shape, color, light and perspective.

- An explanatory note containing information about the purpose of the product, the scope of its application, the operation principle, consumer values, performance features, participation in environmental scenarios, etc., as well as a specification with a list of the main elements of the product, construction, finishing materials and technologies used for their production

- In addition, a 3D model is provided at the discretion of the participant that gives an idea of the features of the three-dimensional design of the shape, its functional and aesthetic properties, layout and other materials

- Graphic images of the decorative lamp and 3D renderers should be provided in PDF or JPG formats. If there is no small text, files must have a resolution of 150 dpi, and one file must weigh no more than 25 MB. The images should not contain author's dies, since the results of the Contest are summed up anonymously.

- Drawings should be signed. The scale of additional projections and drawings should be chosen at the discretion of the author, but in such a way that all images are not unreasonably small as a result of trying to show the drawings in as much detail as possible. All drawings should have the main axial dimensions and vertical marks.

- The author can use any architectural graphics, including computer graphics. The main condition is the possibility of subsequent high-quality publication of contest design projects in the media, on tablets, in booklets, etc.

- Exclusive rights to design projects submitted for participation in the Contest remain with their authors.

Design project award criteria

  • Compliance of the design project with the terms of the Contest nominations.
  • Originality and aesthetic expressiveness of the design project.
  • A composition unity, a harmonious color solution.
  • Compliance of the decorative properties of the lamp with its functional purpose;
  • Ergonomics of shaping.
  • Manufacturability of the design project of a decorative lamp (replicability).
  • Economic feasibility of materials used in the design project.
  • Quality of the project submission and correct description of the design project.

For participation in the contest and submission of contest design projects, please contact the coordinator: Dyupina Natalya – head of the Project Department of STROITELNY EXPERT LLC, tel.: +7-963-667-86-63 (WhatsApp), email: xbaxhef(cht)

Send all questions about materials and technologies to mailbox NQY(kwd)rfpbyhpr.pbz with return contacts. The specialists of the ESCO LIGHT company will answer the questions

We invite you to take part in the contest and wish you good luck!


C:\Users\Ксения\Documents\Esco\CONCORSO Adattamento della luce\logo\ЭСКО и ESCO.jpeg



The company profile of ESCO LIGHT, the contest founder: (

The ESCO LIGHT company is a Russian manufacturer, which has been present in Russian for over 10 years and has entered the Italian market since the last year having opened an office in Milan.

The company takes part in every stage of designing objects, including in-depth development of lightning in a design project, lighting designs. The company owns a light design studio.

The scope of ESCO LIGHT interests has little to no limits. The company is engaged in the lightning of industrial facilities, underground stations, large-scale multi-function residential compounds, business centers, offices, hotels, restaurants, private houses, etc. It creates both indoor interior and outdoor facade and landscape lighting.

The company’s uniqueness is incredible flexibility when working with the client. Depending on the availability of technical specifications, there’s an opportunity to change almost all technical characteristics of a lamp. From its physical dimensions and body color, to power and light temperature.

ESCO LIGHT is the first company in the world that started to equip lamps with the biodynamic unit and antibacterial function at the same time having gotten a breakthrough in technologies for creating a healthy environment of daily living activities.

The client has a warranty from 3 years for every product of the ESCO LIGHT company.

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